XXL Curels, Cure Liquefaction Silver Water

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Cures Liquefaction Silver Water

Concentration: 6524 ppm

Restoration of abnormal cells back to normal healthy cells

Silver has for thousands of years in history been used as a natural germicide. Conventional pharmaceutical antibiotics used to counter bacteria are losing their effectiveness. Presently, almost all types of disease-causing pathogens have developed resistance towards one or several types of pharmaceutical antibiotics. Years ago, the scientists had discovered that as we increasingly become dependent on pharmaceutical antibiotics to fight diseases, our body immune system deteriorated and we become more helpless in our battle against the pathogens that had become resistant to the antibiotics consumed or had mutated to something more deadly.

The Mechanism of Nano Silver

Minute nano-sized Silver has the ability to bond extremely well with the pathogenic cells. It has the ability to react with the Sulfhydre (-SH) groups surrounding the bacteria cells, killing the bacteria by blocking respiration process. Nano Silver is able to kill the pathogens or most of the microorganism that cause diseases within 6 minutes. This has been proven through many independent research and studies.

XXL CURELS” can improve our immune system. It is an important health supplement for those practising alternative medicine. There is an old saying, ‘’A sliver of light in the dark”. This sliver of light is “XXL CURELS”. “XXL CURELS” is an important mineral supplement to the entire family, even our pets! The nano Silver in “XXL CURELS” overcomes the shortcoming of antibiotics which can typically be effective against 6 types of bacteria whereas nano Silver can destroy over 650 types of pathogens within a very short period of time.

Prior to the intervention of FDA, Colloidal Silver can be used under many different circumstances. However, after the redefinition of the usage of colloidal Silver by FDA, it can only be consumed as an “oral supplement”. It is up to you to decide how you use it.

Our “XXL CURELS” has a concentration of 6524 ppm, it can be safely consumed as a health supplement to boost immunity.

The atomic state of silver in “XXL CURELS” carries a positive electric charge and these particles of pure silver remain suspended in water because these positive-charged particles repel each other with a greater force than gravity can exert upon and hence they do not cluster together and ‘solidify’ and settle to the bottom.

Quality Control is vital during the production process of XXL CURELS. At ‘XXL’, we maintain the highest quality control to ensure minimal fluctuations.

The sub-atomic state of “XXL CURELS” is beneficial to the whole family including the family pets as a mineral supplement. “XXL CURELS” contains 99.99% pure Silver 6524 ppm suspended in purified water.

It does not contain any kind of protein, stabilizers, chemicals or additives.

“XXL CURELS” is a natural antiseptic, an excellent immunity booster used in alternative medicine.

Consuming “XXL CURELS” daily will strengthen your body immune system. Many can improve their health by simply taking “XXL CURELS” daily as a health supplement. It can be safely consumed as a health supplement to boost immunity.

Nano Silver shows it has super strong and naturally antibacterial properties. It can prevent secondary infection. It also acts as a catalyst to regenerate cells. Research shows that nanosilver can modify and change the outer layer of bacteria’s protein enzyme and reduce the pathogens’ generative ability which leads to the eventual killing of the pathogens. Nano Silver can also prevent foreign bodies from invading our body cells and it does not attack our human cell. Therefore, it is perfect for preserving our health.

What is “XXL CURELS”?

“XXL CURELS” is 99.99% pure silver particulates suspended in purified water using the catalytic process for extraction and adding them in liquid. Because of the minute size of the particles, “XXL CURELS” can easily be absorbed into our body system. This “Liquid Silver” is translucent in appearance due to its extremely small particles.

Because of its minute size, the “Liquid Silver” can not only be easily absorbed by our body system, it can also be transported to various parts of our body more effectively. The smallest particle is equivalent to an atom size. Our product is called sub-atomic particles and it is translucent. Subatomic particles “float” in the liquid and does not deteriorate or react to sunlight or high temperature. In other words, it is not necessary to take extra precaution for the storage. “XXL CURELS” also has a long shelf life and does not expire with time.

“Liquid Silver” – How it works?

Although silver has long been used as an antibiotic for a long time, FDA has today regulated the usage of “Liquid Silver”.

In response to this unfair restriction set by FDA, we would like to make a reference from the work of Richard Davies and Samuel Etris of The Silver Institute (a global non-profit organization) contained in their article “The Development and Functions of Silver in Water Purification and Disease Control”. It discusses 3 mechanism of deactivation that silver uses to incapacitate disease causing organisms.

They are Catalytic Oxidation, Reaction with Cell Membranes, and Binding with the DNA of disease organism to prevent unwinding.

  1. Catalytic Oxidation: Silver, in its atomic state, has the capacity to absorb oxygen and act as a catalyst to bring about oxidation. Atomic oxygen absorbed onto the surface of Silver ions in solution will readily react with the Sulfhydre (-SH) groups surrounding the surface of bacteria or viruses to remove the hydrogen atoms (as water), causing the sulfur atoms to form an R-S-S-R bond, blocking respiration and causing the bacteria to expire. Employing a simple catalytic reduction/oxidation reaction, colloidal Silver will react with negative charge presented by the organism’s transport or membrane proteins and deactivate them.

    Silver Water antibacterial

  2. Reaction With Bacterial Cell Membranes: There is evidence that Silver ions attach to membrane surface radicals of bacteria, impairing cell respiration and blocking its energy transfer system. One explanation is based on the nature of enzyme construction: Specific enzymes are required for a given biochemical activity to take place. Enzyme molecules usually require a specific metallic atom as part of the molecular matrix in order to functions. A metal of higher valence can replace a metal of lower valence in the enzyme complex, preventing the enzyme from functioning normally. Silver, with a valence of plus 2, can replace many metals with a lower, or equal valence that exhibit weaker atomic bonding properties.

    XXL Silver Water Antiviral

  3. Binding with DNA: Studies by C.L. Fox and S.M. Modak on Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, a tenacious bacteria that is difficult to treat, demonstrated that as much as 12% of Silver is taken up by the organism’s DNA. While it remains unclear exactly how the Silver binds to the DNA without destroying the hydrogen bonds holding the lattice together, it nevertheless prevents the DNA from unwinding, an essential step for cellular replication to occur. Silver will only destroy the anaerobic bacteria, hence the beneficial aerobic bacteria in the guts remain intact.

    XXL Silver Water DNA

“Liquid Silver” Helps in Reconstructing Cells

Robert O. Becker, M.D., a Biomagnetics doctorate holder who is based in New York, has done the research on Silver in promoting the reconstruction of cells for more than 10 years. Dr. Becker first reported his findings at the First International Conference on Silver and Gold in Medicine, co- sponsored by The Silver Institution in 1987.

Henceforth, this technique had been used in clinical tests for over hundreds of patients who had their different wounds cause healing. Furthermore, a separate experiment conducted in Fort Sam Houston, a US Army post in Texas by the US Army Institute for Surgical Research had shown that under a controlled environment, animals suffered from burn wounds recovered more quickly with silver nylon that those without the application.

Comparatively, Dr. Becker shows that skin with the electric current running through heals faster than that without and with Silver ions incorporated into the research, he won a patent for iontophoretic system for stimulation of tissue healing and regeneration.

Based on hundreds of cases, Dr. Becker believes that the technique works in 3 stages. The first stage is the chemical combination of the highly active free Silver ions with all bacteria or fungi present in the wound that is inactivated within 20 to 30 minutes. The second stage occurs over the next 4 days. Silver acts on fibroblast cells (the cells that normally cause wound healing by scar formation) to cause them to revert to their embryonic state, becoming stem cells. These cells are universal building blocks whose role is to reconstruct new tissue regenerating the original structure rather than simply to form scar tissue only. In the final stage, Silver ions form a complex with the living cells in the wound area to produce immediately convertible stem cells. As stem cells flood the wound, they are rapidly converted into new, mature normal tissues of the types present before the wound occurred.

No other known treatment provides sufficient numbers of the embryonic or stems cells required for true regeneration of damaged or destroyed tissue in human and animals. This success indicates that there is potential not only for the healing of near-surface wounds but for regenerative repair of internal orgasms such as the heart, liver, brain and the spinal cord.

Dr. Debra Brammer, a clinical faculty member at Bastyr University and the associate clinical dean for the naturopathic medicine program at Bastyr University, says patients have found relief from staph, strep, prostate and sinus infections, as well as pharyngitis and sore throats when treated with Colloidal Silver. Though few medical professionals are familiar with Colloidal Silver, no one disputes the need for an alternative to traditional antibiotics. Its proponents cite decades of word of mouth supporting its effectiveness, as well as published clinical studies in Europe and Australia.

Reference Material for “Liquid Silver”

  1. According to FDA, “Liquid Silver” had been used for the past 60 years and was a common antibiotic prior to 1938 when FDA was created, it is therefore not subject to FDA approval. (Based on a letter by Harold David, director of FDA, dated 13th September 1991). Besides, FDA does not have the jurisdiction over pure metals. However, FDA does regulate the use of silver, in particular its uses that were not laid out in the pre-1938 published protocols.
  2. Dr. Robert Becker, author of “The Body Electric” pointed out the co-relation between Silver and disease, that tiny amount of Silver present in the body helps fight disease. He further concluded that the curative property of Silver works on a wide range of bacteria, without any known side- effects or damage to the cells of the body. Dr. Becker discovered that the silver was doing more than just killing disease-causing organisms. It was also causing major growth stimulation of injured tissues. Dr. Becker concludes that the presence of the Silver ion may help to regenerate tissue, eliminate old or cancerous cells, and any other diseased or abnormal tissue condition.
  3. Dr. WJ Simpson of Kings College London and Dr R.Tonner Hektler of University of London, and a physicians member of the Associates of Royal Internal Medicine (Professor of Bacteriology) published a paper in ‘The Lancet’ in December 1944 that acknowledges the curative property of Silver in its ability to eliminate pathogen that caused common cold.
  4. Alfred Searle, the founder of the pharmaceutical conglomerate of the same name, wrote in his book “The use of colloids in Health and Disease”: “ ‘Colloidal Silver’ is used in large number of cases whereby when it is consumed either orally or topically, it can effectively and quickly kill parasites and does not become toxic to our human body, the result is very stable ”.
  5. In February 1923 The British Medical Journal published “Colloidal Preparations of Silver in Pharmacy”. It says that pure Silver is entirely non-irritant. In the experiment, it repeatedly shows that in high concentration, the rapidly exerted disinfectant action is of considerable therapeutic value.
  6. Dr. Alexandra Tomasz of Rockefeller University, New York, studies say, “The common pathogenic/bacteria that causes pneumonia, children ear infection and many other diseases had become resistant and can no longer be deactivated by the antibiotic. The studies show how bacteria respond to antibiotic treatment and ultimately gain resistance. Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem that becomes a major threat to the post-antibiotic medical world.
  7. In March 1978, Science Digest, its article “Silver our mightiest Gem Fighter” says that Silver can eliminate hundreds of disease-causing pathogenic bacteria and organism as well as to inhibit the growth of such bacteria and organisms. Silver is absolutely non-toxic and is also our best germ fighter. The medical report says “orally taken, silver can fight venereal disease, diarrhea, dengue, diabetes, severe burn wounds”. The CEO of the Silver Institute, Mr. Richard L. Davies says, “Within 4 years, we have introduced 87 new and important medical usage of silver”.
  8. Dr. Bjorn Nordstrom of the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden has used Silver in his cancer treatment method. He says the whole thing is quite simple. This brought rapid remission in patients given up on by other doctors.
  9. In its colloidal-chemical state, the effect concentrated Silver become more evident.
  10. According to US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Poison Control Centre “Colloidal Silver” is not harmful. Dr. Samuel Etris, the Advisor of Silver Institute reports, there has never been any case of allergic reaction, toxic or cancer-causing as a result of consuming Silver. US Government’s Center for Disease Control in 1995 confirmed such claim.

Several Facts About “Colloidal Silver”

First, we start with FDA. FDA conscientiously regulate the content of the advertisement and the label for “Colloidal Silver”. In actual fact, owing to the fact that silver has a long history of being safe and effective, FDA has allowed “Colloidal Silver” to be used as mineral or food supplement.

Most importantly, FDA has regulated that the American public has the right to know the benefits of Silver. Silver is flavorless, odorless and non-irritant. Until today, there is no known case of either human or animal that has shown a side effect from consuming silver. Silver is a catalyst and a stabilizer which does not contain free radicals. Because Silver only attacks anaerobic bacteria, it does not harm the beneficial aerobic bacteria in our human guts.

“Colloidal Silver” is not a chemical compound, but rather a pure 99.99% silver particles of extremely fine sub-microscopic scale suspended in purified water. Association of Colloidal Research shows that based on medical reports and research for the past hundred years, Silver products produced under regulated procedures do not bring side effects of whatsoever to either human or animals. There has also never been any report of unpleasant reaction from the treatment of “Colloidal Silver”.

The following is the correspondence with FDA showing the confirmation that Silver does not carry any side effects.

(please read both of the following letters, the first is the request and the second the FDA’s response)

Food and Drug Administration
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Service
56000 Fishers Lane
Rockville, MD 20857

Dear Sirs/Madam,

Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act and in regard your August 17th, 1999 ruling regarding colloidal silver, could you please supply the following documentation on which you based your decision?

1. The number of deaths related to the consumption of colloidal silver.
2. The number of allergic reactions to the consumption of colloidal silver.
3. The number of harmful drug interactions from both OTC and prescription drugs when combined with colloidal silver.
4. The number of reported cases of Argyria from colloidal silver made with the Ac or DC electrical process.
5. The number of cases of Argyria from colloidal silver that did not contain protein stabilizers.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this request.

Brent Finnegan The FDA response:

Public Health Service
Center for Drug Evaluation and Research
Office of Training and Communication
Freedom of Information Staff HFD-205
56000 Fishers Lane 12 B 05
Rockville, Maryland 20857

November 3, 1999
In Response Refer to File: F99-22589 Brent Finnigan Takoma (sic), WA 98408

Dear Mr. Finnigan:

This is in response to your request of 10/14/99, in which you requested adverse events associated with the use of Colloidal Silver. Your request was received in the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research on 10/25/99. We have searched the records from FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) and have been unable to locate any cases that would be responsive to your request.

Charges of $3.50 (Search $3.50, Review $0, Reproduction $0, Computer time $0) will be included on a monthly invoice.


If there are any problems with this response, please notify us in writing of your specific problem(s).

Please reference the above file number.

Hal Stepper
Freedom of Information Technician Office of Training and Communication Freedom of Information Staff, HFD-205

Herxheimer Effect

Some of the consumers of colloid silver have expressed a reaction called ‘Herxheimer Effect’ (named after Dr. Karl Herxheimer, the physician who discovered this phenomenon) after consuming colloid Silver.

Some of the first timer who ingested “Colloidal Silver” says they experience a light headache, and other flu-like symptoms. This is because “Colloidal Silver” has effectively killed the bacteria and in so doing, the toxins are released into the bloodstream by the dying bacteria in large quantities. When the body cannot eliminate the released toxins much faster than it is able to under normal circumstances, the body reacts in the form of releasing inflammatory response like running nose and other flu-like symptoms.

In some cases, the users may experience diarrhea as their body system attempts to eliminate the toxins in a much faster way. Under such circumstance, it is advisable for the user to either reduce the dosage of the colloidal Silver or to stop taking completely for a day or so. Once the toxins are eliminated from the body system, the health will be stored.


Argyria is a condition caused by inappropriate exposure to chemical compounds of the element Silver. The most dramatic symptom of Argyria is that the skin turns blue or bluish-grey. It is the Silver compounds that can cause Argyria, not pure Silver in its atomic form. It is Silver salts and not the Silver liquid that cause Argyria. The high concentration of Silver Nitrates and other Silver salts is potentially toxic and can cause Argyria. These Silver compounds decomposed and deposited in microscopic particles under the skin and turning the skin blue.

XXL Silver Water Argyria

“Liquid Silver” produced by electric current

“Liquid Silver” produced by the electric current is entirely safe and non-toxic. There have never been any cases of Argyria caused by taking “Liquid Silver” produced by the electric current, nor has there been any adverse effects based on the past so many years of record. “Liquid Silver” is safe, non-toxic and effective.

XXL Silver Water Argyria

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), USA

EPA’s Poison Control Centre reports no toxicity listing for Colloidal Silver. The senior consultant, Dr. Samuel Etris of the Silver Institute pointed out that the American Centre for Disease Control (CDC) had in 1995 confirmed that there were no cases recorded that Colloidal Silver could cause irritation, toxicity or cancer.

The only side effect recorded is Argyria. However, all Silver salts had already been ascertained for their toxicity. Therefore, the concern is with silver salts, not colloidal Silver. Colloidal Silver, if not processed or handled probably, will produce Silver Oxide, Silver Nitrate or Silver Chloride even if it is produced using the electric current. Furthermore, Colloidal Silver should not be consumed along with intravenous EDTA Chelation, as Silver is a metal and EPTA works by absorbing and removing metals from the blood. For this reason, the two do contradict against each other.

Unless you are allergic to Silver (please refer to the red box below), Colloidal Silver is non-toxic, non-addictive and absolutely carries no side effects. Because our bodies do not develop resistance to Silver, it is not advisable to consume Silver in large dosage.


Biovea (https://bioven.net) has the closest product that matches our product. The only difference is that in the strength of Silver content. In the market, the norm is 15-50 ppm. Our “XXL Curels” is produced using a unique catalytic technology so that our product has a high concentration of 6524 ppm that is compatible with our human cell. This product is especially meant for cancer patients.

“XXL CURELS” 2 methods of usage:

  1. Acute Disease (such as Dengue/Malaria): 8 drops daily, divided by 2 times (i.e. 4 drops twice a day)
  2. Cancer – 1st week: 16 drops daily, divided by 4 times (4 drops 4 times a day)
    – 2nd week onward: 12 drops daily, divided by 3 times (4 drops 3 times a day)

1 bottle contains 30 ml, equivalent to about 550 drops. Within the first week of consumption, you will be noticeable:XXL Silver Water 30ML

another bottle contains 5 ml, equivalent to about 90 drops.

  • Extremely tired, or
  • Extremely active (in high spirit)

Comparison between ‘Biovea’ and ‘ XXL CURELS’

1. Different ppm
2. Different production process and technology

The products in the market are similar to alkaline water machine which uses electrodes to produce, hence, its instability. They are the health supplement. And because they are produced using electrodes, their concentration can only achieve up to 80 ppm.

“XXL CURELS” is a medical treatment product. We used catalytic technology and our raw material is 99.99% pure Silver. “Biovea”, restricted by FDA regulation, uses Silver compounds.

Therefore, our strengths

  1. Better molecular quality
  2. More effective
  3. Cheaper price
  4. Ability to eliminate inflammatory, cancerous cells.

In terms of Effectiveness & Pricing, our products are far superior to Biovea. Biovea has been in existence since 1935, if their products had been effective, these would not be other newer products like ours to challenge them. Not only are theirs more expensive, it is ineffective, much the same like chemotherapy being the last resort for cancer patients even though the success rate is only less than 1%.

Our product helps cancer patients recover without any adverse effects whatsoever.

Test Report:


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