XXL Bio-green Soil Enhancer

Soil Enhancers on Pechay (Philippines)

Bio Soil Enhancers

Pechay Testimonial.pdf

Soil Enhancers Treatment on Pechay

Soil Enhancer on Longan (Thailand)

XXL Bio Soil Enhancer - Longan

Longan Testimonial.pdf

Soil Enhancer Treatment on Longan

Soil Enhancer on Chili Padi

Soil Enhancer - Chili

Chili Padi Testimonial.pdf

Soil Enhancer Treatment on Chili Padi

Soil Enhancer on Cucumber (Cambodia)

Soil Enhancer - Cucumber plant

Cucumber Testimonial.pdf

Soil Enhancer Treatment on Cucumber

Soil Enhancer on Paddy (Brunei)

XXL Soil Enhancer before treatment

Paddy Testimonial.pdf

Soil Enhancer Treatment on Paddy

BGE 土壤改良剂木瓜种植 (Hawaii)

BGE 土壤改良剂木瓜种植


Soil Enhancer Treatment on Papaya

XXL BGE 土壤改良剂黄梨种植


XXL BGE Soil Enhancer Treatment on Pineapple

XXL 土壤改良剂 on ALOVERA


BGE 土壤改良剂 (Alovera)

XXL 土壤改良剂 treatment on ALOVERA

XXL BGE Treatment on Damaged Soil in Lanchang (Pahang)

Soil Enhancer Treatment in Lanchang

Soil Enhancers Treatment on Damaged Soil

Soil Enhancer on Papaya (Rawang)

Soil Enhancer Treatment Papaya (Solo)

Soil Enhancers Treatment on Papaya (Solo)

Soil Enhancer on Papaya (Kashmir, India)

Soil Enhancer Treatment Apple Kashmir


Soil Enhancers Treatment on Apple

Symptoms of Unhealthy Plants

Common Signs and Symptoms of Unhealthy Plants Plants symptoms may be caused by biotic (living organism) or abiotic (nonliving) agents. Many abiotic factors can cause symptoms in a landscape or garden. These factors include nutrient imbalances, drought or excess soil moisture, limited light, reduced oxygen availability, air pollution, soil pH extremes, pesticide toxicity, compaction, cultural practices, mechanical damage, and low or high temperatures. Stunting: Hindering of normal growth or overall development of a plant. Insects, mites, fungi, bacteria, nematodes, viruses, parasitic…

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Farmers list top environmental issues impacting agriculture

Environmental Impacts Farmers Definition Farmers are faced with brand-new obstacles as well as changes daily – from feeding a broadening worldwide population while fulfilling strict new exhausts needs, to producing more food on fewer acres while minimizing their ecological impact. As part of its commitment in order to help farmers meet their difficulties, Root Enhancer released a survey to gather farmers’ perspectives on the leading issues influencing their operations. Farmers are faced with new difficulties and possibilities every day – from…

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