Bio Green Enhancer Introduction

Go Bio Green Enhancer And Save The World

1. XXL Bio Fuel Save Energy

Maximize fuel efficiency & save energy in the production process and lead to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

XXL Fuel Booster Plus

XXL BIOFUEL Enhancer is an organic biofuel enhancer that significantly increases combustion efficiency for better power performance when mixed with fuel to produce the smaller size of molecules which will be much cleaner and lighter. When added to petrol and diesel fuels in a fractional quantity, it enhances the actual fuel molecule itself to enable a highly clean and efficient combustion which reduces total emissions by an average of 50% while reducing fuel usage and improving performance. It is suitable for use with any type of combustion engine that burns petrol, diesel, fuel oils or bio-fuels.

2. XXL Bio Soil Enhancer Bio Technology

Reduce environmental footprint, use less and safer, cleaner and more efficient industrial biological manufacturing processes.

XXL Bio Green Soil Enhancer

XXL BIO SOIL ENHANCER is a newly formulated organic and biological soil conditioner which is added to soil to improve the soil’s physical qualities, especially its ability to provide nutrition for plants. XXL Bio Soil Enhancer is made millions of years ago from a highly compressed organic humic acid in the tropical rainforests.

The minerals and trace elements in XXL Bio Soil Enhancer can be comprehensively used and absorbed by plants through a natural and complicated chelation process in the soil.

The application of XXL Bio Enhancer into the soil will restore the natural soil counterbalance which is needed for the maintenance of optimum plant growth. It is suitable to be used with any type of soil to improve soil physical characteristics, soil aggregate structure, and reduce soil compactness.

3. XXL Bio Livestock Enhancer You Are Protected

A combustion engine is protected by lower engine temperature. Producing foods free of allergens and toxins.

XXL Bio Energy Livestock

XXL BIO LIVESTOCK ENHANCER is an organic enhancer for use in the livestock industry to hasten breed development for improved animal health and welfare, enhanced reproduction, and improved nutritional quality and safety of animal-derived foods. 1g of XXL BIOENERGY LIVESTOCK dissolves into 1 litre of water. (1:1000)

XXL BGE Protected


XXL Bio Green Soil Enhancer
XXL Fuel Boosted Plus