How XXL Bio-Green Energy Work?

How XXL Bio-Green Energy Work

Bio Green Energy

  • The humus and clay minerals in XXL Bio-Green Energy when combined will form a new structure called aggregation. It will improve soil stability and enhance soil water infiltration and gas exchange capacity.

  • The application of XXL into the soil can prevent soil cracking and also prevent moxibustion which will be caused crop roots to heat burns.
  • As the natural organic substance is not water soluble, soil which contains high humic acid is less likely to have erosion problems.
  • XXL is a very active microbial substance which it will help in the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorous and iron and many other trace elements.
  • It also can combine with metal, minerals and other soluble and non-soluble organic compound. The interaction of the nutrients between these compounds will convert into a manner which can be directly absorbed by plants.

Important root system to the plants

Bio Green Root StructureThe principal functions of roots are anchorage, absorption of water and minerals, and synthesis of nitrogen compounds and growth regulators such as abscisic acid, cytokinins, and gibberellins which have essential roles in shoot growth and functioning,

Root play a role as sensors if water stress which causes them to send water to the plants whenever it feels the plant overheats.

Bio Green Root StructureBio Green Root Structure

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