Bio-green Soil Enhancer Treatment in Wasan

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Bio green Soil EnhancerIn October 2013, XXL team collaborated with Pehin Dato Haji Mohammed, a local paddy farm owner in Wasan Brunei Darussalam, to test out the effects of XXL Bio Green Energy treatment.

The soil recondition test was conducted on a type of paddy known as “Paddy Laila” on Pehin Dato Haji Mohammed
2 plots of land. The test duration was from 1st October 2013 to 26th November 2013 and consist of 8 treatments in total.

The main purpose of XXL Bio Green Energy treatment is to recondition the soil which has been severely damaged by long-term exposure to chemical pesticides, fertilizers such as limestone, urea and other foreign substances introduced into the soil.

All treatments were administered by Pehin Dato Haji Mohammed and his workers.

By the end of the 8 treatments, there is a significant improvement on the plot of land compared with the other plots which were not treated by XXL Bio Green Energy.

Before Treatment

Before XXL Bio Green Energy treatment, Pehin Dato Haji Mohammed paddy field was not able to produce a large quantity of Laila paddy regardless of how much effort and investment he has committed throughout the years.

XXL Soil Enhancer before treatment

The Liala paddy plant was infested with pest such as the Cnaphalocrocis medinalis (Ulat Gulung) / Scirpophagea incertulas (Ulat Pengorek Batang), snails etc. Therefore Pehin’s paddy field was unable to produce much grain.

XXL Soil Enhancer before treatment

Hence, Pehin Dato Haji Mohammed had to rely heavily on chemical pesticides which in turn damages the soil condition resulting in lesser and lesser grain produced over the years.

XXL Soil Enhancer before treatment

Results XXL Bio Green Energy within 8 weeks time.

WITHOUT Bio-green soil enhancer treatment, all the common problems will be seen in paddy field

Standing on the Paddy soil
XXL Soil Enhancer treatment Paddy wasan

Cracking soil
XXL Soil Enhancer treatment Paddy wasan

Soil Comparison BEFORE and AFTER 1 time XXL Treatment

BEFORE – Soil Attested plot (1st October 2013) Before Treatment
XXL Soil Enhancer treatment Paddy wasan

AFTER – Soil Attested Plot (15th October 2013) After 1 treatment
XXL Soil Enhancer treatment Paddy wasan


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