Bio Green Enhancers What do Farmers Want

XXL Bio Green Enhancers Malaysia

A.The reality in agriculture industry

What do Farmers want?

  1. Shorter fruiting time
  2. Increase crop quantity
  3. Improve crop quality
  4. Improve soil quality


Shorter Fruiting Time

Crop Quantity

Crop Quality

Soil Quality







The fact is…

What the plants really lack is:

Soil that is rich in natural humic substances, nitrogen, phosphorous, minerals and trace elements, and which provides a good environment for the microorganism to make beneficial microbes, earthworms and other small animals.

The deadlock…

Natural humic substance mentioned above is extremely difficult to obtain from the commercial supply as it’s formed by the microbial degradation of dead plant matter which is a very slow process.

B. This is where “XXL Bio Green Enhancer” comes in…

XXL Bio Green Enhancer – Soil Enhancer (in short “BGE”) gives FOUR big YESes to agriculture industry:

  • Shorter fruiting time
  • Increase crop quantity
  • Improve crop quality
  • Improve soil quality

What is Bio Green Enhancer

Bio Green Enhancers (BGE) is NOT a fertilizer, it’s a soil enhancer and it’s 100% organic. BGE is made from millions of years ago of a highly compressed organic humic acid in the tropical rain forests.

The original seam of Bio Green Enhancers (BGE), in ancient times was originally buried in the deep crust of the earth, and subsequently excavated by mankind at the surface of the earth, undergoing weathering and microbial action, then processed through grinding, to make it into our present BGE.

Contain high humic acid

Since Bio Green Enhancers (BGE) is made of organic humic acid which has been formed through millions of years, it contains natural concentrated humic acid, minerals and trace elements that can be comprehensively used and absorbed by plants through a natural and complicated chelation process in the soil. Hence adding in BGE into the soil is the most effective way to increase the natural humic acid component in the soil.

How does Bio Green Enhancer work?

The main function of Bio Green Enhancers (BGE) is soil reconditioning.

The long term use of chemical fertilizer will severely damage soil aggregate structure, causing soil compaction and hardening of soil, hence causing serious loss of water and fertilizer.

Bio Green Enhancers (BGE) will restore the damaged hardened soil to virgin forest soil quality by:

  • increasing the activity of soil organic matter,
  • releasing soil nutrients
  • preventing soil compaction
  • activating the soil

It creates an environment for microorganisms to make beneficial microbes, earthworms and other small animals to reproduce, and naturally to promote the gradual softening of soil structure and the activation of soil bacteria.

The reconditioned soil can hold up to 90 times of water of its weight and will hold the fertilizer up to 5 times of that before reconditioning.

C. Application

BGE is suitable for all range of agriculture plant and crops, soil or non-soil based plantations, from shrubs, rice field, vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, row crops, field crops, mushroom, tea, lawn to garden and more

How does Bio Green Enhancer work

D. How to use?

It can be applied at any time throughout the year. The general application amount is as follows:

The ratio is:

  • 1 Gram of BGE for 1 Liter of water
  • 2 Kilograms of BGE can be used for 1 Acre of land

Soil Reconditioning (for infertile acidic soil)

For the first timer, in order to get the best result, it is advised to perform a “soil reconditioning” process before the normal application.

For soil reconditioning, apply BGE once a week, and repeat this continuously for 10 weeks. Thereafter, simply apply BGE once before fertilizing for maintenance.

Note: The interval between the application of BGE and fertilization can be a few days to a week, it does not really matter.

E. The Characteristics

Below is the characteristic of Bio Green Enhancer:

  • Can be used in agriculture and aquaculture, soil based or non-soil based plantations.
  • Long period of storing
  • Economy – Only 2 kg for one acre of the plantation.
  • Non-toxic

Bio Green Enhancer Characteristics

F. Economy Aspect

With just small amount of additional cost of BGE, farmers get a huge return as below:

  • Shorter fruiting time
  • Improve crop quantity
  • Improve crop quality
  • Improve soil quality
  • Save fertilizer
  • Save pesticides

This is an investment rather than a cost

G. Certification & Endorsement

1. Bio Green Enhancers is certified as 100% organic by:

  • Singapore Green Labeling Scheme.
  • SIRIM Malaysia
  • DALPL India

Bio Green Enhancer Certificate Bio Green Enhancer Certificate Bio Green Enhancer Certificate

2. And it’s endorsed by Nestle Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd for its consistently good performance.

H. The Packaging

Bio Green Enhancers comes in five types of packaging:

  • 200kg/drum
  • 25kg/barrel
  • 4kg (4 barrels/carton)
  • 2kg (6 barrels/carton)
  • 250 g (12 cans/carton)
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